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Marcus Martinez

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I have earned my associate degree in Cyber Security from Metrolpolitan Community College. I am currently a Cyber Security student at Bellevue University with a projected graduation date of May 2024 for my bachelor degree.

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About Me

Cyber Security Student & Researcher

I started my IT jounrey in 2016 with a single board computer called the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. I found the device fascinating because of all of the things developers and builders have been able to create with them. I also saw it as my first stepping stone into unfamilar operating system know as Linux. At the time I saw it as a something I could learn and have fun with in my spare time. I never knew it would lead me to pursuing a higher education and wanting a career within IT industry. After fours years of self-teaching on the subjects of programming with python, bash scripting, and networking. I decided to pursue a career in cyber security after talking with a friend who works in the industry. In May of 2023 I had received an Associate Degree in Cyber Security from Metropolitan Community College (MCC) in Omaha, Nebraska. During my time at MCC I had the opportunity to join the Ethical Hacking Club where I eventually earned my way into the position of Club President. I enjoyed showing other new students the power of cracking tools such as "john the ripper" and the "aircrack suite" along with programming our own Rubber Ducky Human Interface Devices.
Myself and a few MCC graduates have created a study group for the CompTIA Security+ exam where we will all test before continuing on with our bachelor's degree. I will continue my cyber security education at Bellevue University in the Fall of 2023.

My Education

Cyber Security

With my education I have learned how to secure networks using the NIST Cyber Security Framework to ensure compliance with the ISO 27001 international standard.

Network Infrastructure

Deploy networks using several topologies that are reliable and secure using various hardware devices such as routers, switches, and wireless access points. I have knowledge with Active Directory that allows administrators centralized control over users and rights as well as computers and their configurations.

Software Development

I have created several programs using Python that run robots using either an external keyboard or remotely over a network using SSH. I am familiar with pickles encoding for machine learning to write programs using Computer Vision (CV) for facial/item recognition, as well as how a computer responds to it.

Latest Projects


My first project using python was a robot that could be controlled remotely over a network with the ability to see, speak, and listen using a Raspberry Pi.

Facial Recognition Turret

My second project was to create a facial recognition program using Computer Vision and Pickles Encoding to teach a Raspberry Pi how to recognize and face within its dataset. For fun I made the device fire an airsoft at any unknown face using a small relay hooked up to the battery terminal.

Raspberry Pi Cluster

I created a cluster using 4 Raspberry Pi computers using docker with Kubernetes. This cluster runs various network services such as DNS, DHCP, and Router to a seperate LAN that I run all of security attacks and defenses on. This cluster also mines for Monero cryptocurrency.

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